Les den utrolige historien om denne whiskyen slik den er beskrevet på utsiden av esken:

A hidden gem from the year of the velvet revolution - A whole new whisky discovery!

Think back to 1989, well over 20 years ago, just before the Berlin Wall was torn down and the East, as we knew it, would change forever.

The old distillery in Prádlo, on the outskirts of Plzen, had been producing high quality pot-still spirits for many years and now the elite of Czechoslovakia decided that they should produce a single malt whisky of unparalleled quality.

With great effort they managed to obtain and install a traditional cast iron hammer mill, which was made back in 1928, and is exactly the same type as you will find in most traditional Scottish distilleries.

They used only Czech barley and the crisp clean water from the Bohemia region. Then they made oak casks of 100% Czech oak wood and made a single malt that should be unique to the world.

The wall fell and the whisky was forgotten. It lay dormant in the cellars for over 20 years in its unique casks until we discovered it.
It would be a crime to keep this gem hidden from whisky lovers around the world and we have now decided to share with you what was once for a chosen few.

In order to honour the hard work and despite its terrible noise, we have named the whisky after the nickname of the old mill which was so vital for the production of this nectar. So enjoy a dram that is truly different from the pack. The 23 years old Czech Single Malt whisky - Hammer Head.


Whisky (navn og år) Hammer Head, 23 år
Kommentar 40,7%
Dato for vurdering 11.12.14
Møtet avholdt hos Ole Jakob

Profil Intensitets score
Body X X
Sødme X X X
Røyk -
Medisinsk X
Tobakk X X
Honning X X
Krydder X X X
Vinaktig X X
Nøtter X X
Malt X X
Frukt X X
Blomster X X

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Anelse av X
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